Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Secret Sister

This is one of the items I made for my Secret Sister.  Just a name frame made of coasters and Veranda papers.

And I made this box to put it in, also using Veranda papers.

Veranda Gift Box and Swatch Book

This is the project that I took to share at the retreat.  It is a little swatch book with all the CTMH cardstock colors and their respective RGB codes, and comes in a cute little gift box.

Retreat Team

I am so honored that this group of talented (and fun) ladies joined me at the retreat.

Scrapbooking Retreat - Lone Oak Ranch, Gainesville, Texas

Just returned from a wonderful scrapbooking retreat hosted by Melissa Robinson, Director and Indpendent Consultant for Close To My Heart.  There were 34 women (consultants and guests) at Lone Star Ranch in Gainesville, Texas, and I must say it was a great location and venue.  We were able to get a lot of personal items completed as well as the beautiful projects that Melissa had planned for us.  The consultants who attended also brought instruction sheets and samples of some fun projects, as well as cute little treats for gifts to each of us.  By the end of the weekend with all the sharing of creative ideas we almost reached information overload. Fortunately we were able to bring a lot of it home to work on as we have time.  Here's some  photos (only a few of the many buildings) at the ranch.