Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Card Class

I recently attended a class at Scrapbook N Such in Longview, Texas to learn to use colored pencils and watercolor techniques to make these beautiful Fall cards.  It was a full day's work to learn the techniques and make all 6 cards.  The instructors were Kelly Flint and Shari Richburg, and may I just say that they are AWESOME.  These women are VERY talented and have a passion for the artwork and the teaching.  They made it fun and interesting and a very memorable event for me.  I've been practicing what they taught and am really eager to learn more.  Here's the cards, but bear in mind that this is my meager attempt at their designs.  Their samples were, of course, gorgeous.  But I just had to share, even though mine are not as good. 

This one uses a technique for layering several colors over the top of each other to accomplish the blending.

This one uses mineral spirits to move little bits of color around the stamped image

These use water based inks and more of a relaxed brushing technique.

This one requires a lot more control and I didn't get same color variations as the instructor had on her samples.

This one uses H2O brand water based paints to stamp an image.

So I came home that night and rummaged through all my CTMH stamp sets looking for the ones that I can use pencils and watercolor techniques on, and stayed up until 2:00 am playing and practicing what I had learned.    Oh my.  This has opened up a whole new obsession.  I will never leave my craft room now.  As a matter of fact, it is past 10:00 pm and I just now realized that I didn't eat dinner.  It is a good thing I had a late lunch.


  1. Beautiful cards...but quit shortchanging yourself on the quality of your work. You are one very talented lady and everything you produce is magnificent!!! Have a happy birthday tomorrow (((hugs)))

  2. Pam everything you do is fantastic!!!! You really make some quaility cards where I make quanity. You really are talented and be proud of what you make if only I could be like Pam!!

  3. I saw your post on the CTMH board and had to take a look at your blog...I'm now a follower. :)
    LOVE these cards, especially the last three. And I agree with the other two are very talented, don't shortchange yourself.