Sunday, April 24, 2011

Having a Little Fun with Level One

Who has all the time they want to scrapbook and make cards?  Not many of us.  Even with being retired I still don't have as much time as I would like to scrapbook, so I'm all for any product that makes the most of the time that I do have to create.  For this project I used the Simple Pleasures Level 1 kit, a little extra cardstock and patterned papers, and a few stamps and embellishments.  My friend, Melissa Wilhelmi, gave me a beautiful little book last year that was made from Kraft envelopes as the base.  I used that idea and my Level 1 pages and created this fun 3-ring album. 

This is the front cover with one of the pre-printed Level 1 pages, stickers and stamped images.

The envelope flaps on each of the pages have been covered also.  When the flaps are lifted you can tuck more photos, journaling or keepsakes inside the envelopes.

 The pre-printed pages add a lot of interest to the book pages without all the work of cutting mats, sponging the edges, and getting it all aligned.  And for a book like this, it keeps some the bulk out, leaving more room for pictures and journaling which add to the thickness.

I even used the borders around the Stickease images to make frames.



  1. Superior...we are not worthy!!! Your details are really nice, Pam. Thanks for sharing.

    Gotta stock up on Level 1 kits for projects like these since they're retiring this Fall.

    Other good CTMH items I've use Level 1 kits on are:the 3 ring binder, the board book, and the display album.

  2. wow! Great stuff! I love this Pam. As always great job! I want to be like you when I retire. ;)

  3. Pam,
    your work is amazing! thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiring me once again!

  4. Amazing..Great work..Absolutely creative! I really enjoyed browsing through this project and am inspired to try one.. Just wondering what's the size of these envelopes? Would you share the instructions for making this project? If yes, my email is

    Thanks for sharing your work.. Once again its totally gorgeous!

  5. The envelopes are 5 x 7, from the local HL store. I have not written any instructions for it yet. I've been on vacation and am working on a Miracle workshop. Then I plan to make one of these little books with the Lucky Level 1 paper pack. Will probably document that one for a class.