Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's A Shoe Box Swap!

Or a "show" box swap.  Our team leader, Joy, sometimes gets in a hurry when typing and sending emails through our Yahoo Group.  When sending out info about a team meeting and shoe box swap, the title of the email said "show" box swap.  Yesterday we had a little fun with Joy and her show box.  The things we do to entertain ourselves and each other.

Anyway, the real reason for this (rather long) post is to "show" off all the "shoe" box creations.  These swaps are a great opportunity to try out different techiniques that you might have been a little hesitant to try before.   Everyone did a superb job of putting the kits together and making it fun and easy to make all these wonderful goodies.

Here we go -
This elegant tile coaster was created by Joy McHargue and was easy to make.  It's a perfect example of a technique that I thought might be too difficult to try.  Will definitely make more of these.  Oh, almost forgot.  The word that I stamped over a hole is "Amazing".  Tip #1 - Position the stamping so that the holes in the tile don't cause part of the image to be lost.

This card was made by Melanie Murry and was a BIG hit.  On the outside it looks like a cute, sweet card.  When it is opened, up pops a bouquet of flowers.  Surprise!  The directions looked a little daunting, but Melanie was on hand to show us an easy way to organize and put all the pieces to the bouquet together, then get them attached to the card easily.

Terri Speer created this amazing spinner card.  The cupcake is attached to two pennies and a foam dot, allowing it to roll down the channel.  When you tilt the card the cupcake spins its way to the other side.  How fun!  And pretty too!

Terry Morrow was not able to be at the swap, but sent her creation for us to make and enjoy.  Terry always makes beautiful and interesting cards.  Love the paper combination from the Mayberry paper pack.  Now I'm glad I ordered this paper.

Flower Soft is one of those products that I've looked at many times, almost bought some, but have backed out because it looked tricky to use.  Thanks to Wanda Cincar we all had an opportunity to make this lovely card and play with Flower Soft.  It really does no good to set a scrapbooking budget.  Too many cool things that we can't do without. 

Next up, an adorable pennant created by Janet Williams, aka Jaynut.  Fun person = fun project.  Janet was of those angels who had pre-cut everything. She also pre-made all the flowers, and stamped most of it.  All we had to do was assemble.  This year's theme for our team is "Put On A Happy Face".  I plan to put this in my scrap room to remind me. 

And speaking of fun people, Judy Faye Garner contributed this fun carrot shaped box.  Judy also pre-cut everything and made it very easy for us to complete the box.  What a perfect container for some sweet treats for Easter.   Judy included a candy bar in the kit. Thank you Judy!

OK.  Who's next?  How about this pretty flower pot card, designed by Rebecca (Becca) Sorge?  Becca also used the Mayberry papers.  I'm learning to not decide how much I like a paper pack before I see it made into cards and layouts.  Of all the new papers, this was not in my top choices.  But once again, I'm really liking everything I've seen made with it.  Especially this card!

Becky Gallimore used little bugle beads and tacky tape to really dress up this card made with Perfect Day papers.  This is another techinique I am definitely adding to my "go to" list.  Isn't it clever how Becky used the scalloped circle for the sun?  She also contributed the cute scalloped circle covers for the mint patty.  Chocolate and scrapbooking - perfect combination.

Rose Mary Steel consistently makes the "WOW" cards and layouts for Idea Book swaps - and her shoe box project was most definitely a "WOW" also.  Rose Mary pre-made the boxes and pre-cut the scalloped circles.  We spritzed and scrunched and adhered all the little pieces to create these gorgeous flowers.  Just so perfectly beautiful.  And, guess what was inside?  Yep, chocolate.  Six pieces of Hersey Nuggets.

The last item is the card that I made for the swap.  It is made of Miracle papers and the Delight stamp set.  I did pre-cut the paper and cardstock basic pieces and pre-stamped, but everyone did have to cut out the stamped images.  It's not that I didn't want to be as nice as everyone else.  It's just that I really don't like hand cutting as much as I like stamping and doing other things.  This card z-folds at about a third, allowing the bottom of the inside to show.  The solid blue section is perfect space for writing the note / message to the recipient.

Well, that's it for today.  Hope you have enjoyed all the show/shoe box creations.   Many thanks to all the Lighthearted Lovelies who contributed to a wonderful day at Joy's Barnhouse Studio yesterday, and for allowing me to share your beautiful work here.


  1. Don't you remember Ed sullivan? *snicker*
    I love both your writing about and your photos of these adorable projects. Much love!

  2. wonderful post Pam. thanks for including all the stuff we did. it was great hanging out with everyone...we truly have a talented group of ladies.