Monday, August 15, 2011

Studio J Blog

Wow!  I just discovered the blog created by Close To My Heart especially for Studio J online scrapbooking.  It is packed with information, examples, videos, and a gallery to help get started with Studio J.  Even those who have used it before will find lots of tips on how to take online scrapbooking to the next level.  There's a post that I need to go back and check out that discusses digital photo editing, and one with tips for photographing fireworks. 

I do love the traditional paper scrapbooking, but I have gazillion digital photos that I need to get onto pages and into books.  This might help me get closer to being caught up.  Notice I said "closer to"?  Not crazy enough to think I will actually ever get them all scrapbooked, but I can see where this will put me a whole lot closer.

Wander over and see if this might be a good solution for you too  -   Studio J Blog

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