Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wings 20 Card Workshop Cutting Guide

I am posting some links (below) for you to be able to access the Wings 20 Card Workshop that I posted some time ago.  I am thrilled that I am still getting requests for the cutting guide and card maps.  That is fantastic - and I thank you very much for all the great comments and emails.

I am hoping that these links will make it easier for you to access and you won't have to wait for me to email them to you.  Again, thank you for your interest in the workshop. 

These two are to Google Documents.  Be sure to download both files.
Wings 20 Card Workshop Card Map            
Wings 20 Card Workshop Cutting Guide


  1. Very, very nice.. I am so glad that Paula (one of your followers--and mine) suggested that I check out your site.
    I love your work.
    And am now following you
    Fellow CTMH Consultant

  2. Thank you for such a nice comment. I always love to hear great feedback. Keeps me excited and movitated to make more workshops. Am on my way over to look at your blog and to thank Paula for sending you my way. Have a great day. Happy scrapping!