Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Purchasing Multipage Workshops

I am thrilled to announce that I received a phone call from Close To My Heart's Consultant Services Department yesterday, advising me that I am allowed to sell my multipage cutting guides individually. That is the best news I have heard in a long time!

So, with that being said, all the workshops / cutting guides that I have created are once again available for purchase.

I tried to set up PayPal buttons here on my blog to keep the cost down, but unfortunately someone hacked my buttons and redirected my blog to a questionable content web site. LOL - "questionable" is actually being nice - it was bad. After a LOT of research it looks like the safest and easiest way for me to make them available is to list them in my old ETSY shop. I did have to increase the price a little to cover all the ETSY and PayPal fees, but it is much safer for the seller and the purchaser.

I have Florentine, Pemberley and Sonoma set up on my ETSY shop with and without die cut kits here:

PJ's Corner ETSY Shop

I am in the process of getting the remainder set up this week.

Thank you, very much, for your patience and understanding while all this confusion gets sorted out.


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